Chinese proclamation, framed


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A sandalwood tablet covered in gesso and gilded in gold leaf embossed with birds & foliage. The Chinese characters are printed in black and translate as: 'Benevolence comes from over the seas'. At the top centre is Tseng Kuo-Ch'uan's personal seal. On the left is the date: 'The sixth moon of the fifteenth year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu' (July, 1889). The next column reads: 'To the members of the Adelaide Committee for raising relief funds for the Jiangsu and Anhwei provinces'. On the right side is Tseng Kuo-Ch'uan's name, his titles & in smaller characters, his lesser titles. Other variation on this translation appear in the object file. The heavy wooden frame around the proclamation has a carved pattern into the upper surface. This proclamation was sent to Adelaide Council in 1889 in gratitude for the money raised by the Chinese Famine Relief Committee in 1889. Missionaries in China had reported the effect of heavy flooding & crop failures on hundreds of thousands of people, and appeals were made for aid. At the first occasion presided by the new Governor of South Australia, Lord Kintore & through church groups, councils & the local Chinese community, the sum of 1010 pounds, 15 shillings and sixpence was raised. This was forwarded to China through the British Consul at Shanghai. In return, Tseng Kuo-Ch'uan, the Imperial Trade Commissioner for the South Seas and Governor-General of the Jiangsu & Anhwei provinces (those areas particularly affected) sent this proclamation. It was hung in the Adelaide Council Chamber in reflection of this honour.
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