Letter - Rosstown Railway


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1887 to 1894
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This file contains four items:
1/A black and white photocopy of a letter dated either 07/08/1889 or 09/08/1889, from Robert Lundon to an unidentified recipient discussing an agreement reached between the author – on behalf of the recipient – and Soon Hang Hi in regard, in regards to the allotment known as Webber’s. The agreement is outlined in the letter in what appears to be Chinese characters, and includes the marks of Robert Lundon and Soon Hang Hi. File note from Joy Wu states that the calligraphy is not Mandarin or traditional Chinese.
2/Three sheets of hand-written working notes with information taken from the Victorian Government Gazette on THE ROSSTOWN AND MURRUMBEENA LAND COMPANY LIMITED, THE ROSSTOWN JUNCTION RAILWAY AND PROSPERITY COMPANY LIOMITED, and THE ROSSTOWN JUNCTION, ELSTERNWICK, AND OAKLEIGH RAILWAY COMPANY LIMITED, covering dates between 1887 and 1894. The notes concern meetings and creditors claims relevant to the companies, with reference numbers for the information source. Date and author of the notes are not recorded.
3/A black and white photocopy of the a partial map of the Rosstown Railway and surrounding area, undated. The map includes the names of landholders in the areas of Brighton, Garden Vale and Elsternwick, as well as other railway lines present in the region.
4/A fold-out map and guide of the Rosstown Rail Trail, including a brief general history of Caulfield as well as a more extensive biography of William Murray Ross and the Rosstown Railway. The map marks and describes significant sites along the trail, including photographs of some of these sites, provided by DF Jowett.
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