Reverend William Ridley papers, 1824 - 1891


Moreton Bay
Ridley, William
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1824 to 1891
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Item 01: Notebook titled ' Hartford End. Family Scenes at Hartford End, Felstead, Essex, England', 1858, 1824 being reminiscences of Ridley's childhood and youth.
Item 02: Notebook: 'The Moreton Bay Aborigines' Friends Society. Journal of Missionary Labours', 1855-56, 1864 and 'Narrative of Labours among the Aborigines of Australia', 1853-1855, mostly concerned with preaching tours of the east coast and districts between Sydney and Moreton Bay. Also includes 'Eight Months on the Manning River', 1859 comprising a list of Baptisms, 1858-1860, a list of families visited by Ridley and some anecdotes about them.
Item 03: 'The Aborigines of Australia. A Lecture by Wm. Ridley M.A.', 14 September 1864.
Item 04: 'Kamilaroi Grammar and Vocabulary', 1855.
Item 05: 'The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Saints at Colossae. A Translation and Commentary', ca. 1864, and 'The Revelation of Jesus Christ (new Translation: begun 22 April 1866)'.
Item 06: Sermon Notes, 1875-1876, mainly in shorthand and Greek.
Item 07: Miscellaneous notes, 1868-1876 including 'Questions proposed by the Directors of the London Missionary Society with William Ridley's answers'.
Item 08 & Item 09: Chinese language notebooks, 1877-1878. Include first sentences, translations, word comparisons and grammar. Chinese characters with short hand equivalents.
Item 10: Ridley's degrees and certificates: B.A., University of London, 1839; Certificate of Honour in Classics, University of London, 1839; Certificate of Ordination as a Presbyterian Minister, 1850; M.A., University of Sydney, 1864.
Item 11: Notebook containing population statistics of the Australian colonies and New Zealand, 1871-1891, compiled by Ridley's son, William Ridley.
Item 12: Newscuttings found loose in Item 11, 1888-1890, undated.
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