Account books from the Wong family store


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1860 to 1955
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Account books (18), undated order, used in the Wong family store, Bolong via Crookwell, New South Wales, Australia, c. 1860-1955.
The earliest account book c.1860 is small and brown cloth with a metal clasp. This book contained several documents relating to the leasing of land. There are 12 ledger style account books with cash and credit entries listed under customer name. Two of these are thin ledgers, the first with entries dating from 1875 relating to non-Chinese customers and the second with English entries relating to Chinese customers only dating from 1875 and containing documents written in Chinese. The remainder are larger ledgers with the following date ranges; 1877-1881,1878-1886, 1878?-1899, 1878-1904, 1881-1883 (this ledger is in very poor condition and comprises loosely bound blue sheets of paper relating to cheque entries detailing transactions between a variety of parties), 1882-1892, 1898-1907, 1902-1923, 1905-1930 (this book is inscribed 'Fairfield 1905 but entries date from 1909. It also has rainfall entries from 1909 to 1940), 1910-1921. Several of these books contain letters from customers requesting certain items to be forwarded on credit. Some of these were probably retained as proof of order for mail requests. The collection includes two more Chinese style account books written in Chinese, both date to 1877. One is a sales record the other an inventoryrecord.
In addition there is a small black cash book dating from 1910-1921, a receipt book dating from 1925 and an envelope addressed to 'Mrs Wong' with notes relating to undated order from J. Cameron of Irishtown. There is a small black cash book with entries dating between 1903-1915 and a small receipt book, partly used, with entries from the 1920s-1930s.
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