Letters, aerogrammes and letter from Germany, United States of America and Australia 1950-1952


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1950 to 1952
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LETTERS, from Germany, USA and Australia, 1950-1952, written in Latvian.
[.1]LETTER, aerogramme, from Plistrita in Germany, 29 May 1950. Blue and white aerogramme addressed to 'Mrs Daina Skele / Dep. of Immigr. / Acc Centre Northam / West Australia'. Absender: 'pauu? Barde, (24) Hamburg - / Dergerorf, Traunt Camp Wautof / BL.12 ?. 58. Germany'
Printed text: Luftpostbreif / Durch Luftpost / Par Avion. Black postmark of Hamburg over red stamp 60PF. Reverse printed text in German. Signed 'Plstrita'?
[.2] LETTER, aerogramme, 24 October 1950, from Dr P. Dzintan in Germany. Blue aerogramme addressed to 'Mr Karlis Skele / NORTHAM / Dept of Immigr, Military Camp / West Australia' Absender: 'Dr P. Dzintan / 24 Lubeck, Germany / meesure-Kaserue? B.C. C-77' Stamped 60PF, postmarked Lubech. Siigned 'Pida.' Writing on blue reverse pages.
[.3] LETTER, aerogramme, from P Dzintars, United States of America, 14 October 1951. Light blue, red and blue trimmed 10c U.S. Postal airletter addressed to Mr & Mrs Karlis Skele / Holden Camp/ Northam / Australia from P. Dzintars, M.D./ Maine / USA. Postmarked Fairfield, Maine October 15.
[.4] LETTER, aerogramme from Pauli's, United States of America, 18 February 1952. Light blue, red and blue trimmed 10c U.S. Postal airletter readdressed three times. Addressed to Mr Karlis Skele + family / Holden Camp/ Northam / Australia - crossed out. Sticker says SKELE Karlis / 21 Government Rd. / INNALOO in type with 'Try Scarboro' in handwriting. From P.Dzintars, M.D. / Ce. Me Sanatorium / Fairfield, Maine / U.S.A. Printed stamp, postmarked ‘FAIRFIELD, MAINE FEB 19 1952. Signed 'Paulis'?.
[.5] LETTER, aerogramme, from P. Dzintars, United States of America, 4 October 1952. Light blue with red and blue trim air letter addressed to Mrs Daina Skele / Innaloo, P.O. / Perth, / West Australia from P. Dzintars, M.D. / C.M. Sanatorium / Fairfield / Maine / U.S.A. 10 cent printed stamp, postmarked 'Waterville Maine Oct 4 1952 7pm'. Signed 'Pauli's & co'.
[.6] LETTER, pages x6, from P.Ozols, Sydney, 17 April 1952, with envelope. Addressed in blue ink to' Mrs Skele / Holding Camp / Northam. W.A' and readdressed in red to' 21 Government Road Innaloo'. Postmarked Chullora NSW AUST and Northam West Aust 31510Ap52. Reverse flap: 'SEND: P.Ozols / 142 Hillcrest Ave. / EAST BANKSTOWN. / Sydney / N.S.W.' Signed 'Piteris'? Pages 4-6 are lightweight see-through paper.
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