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1850 to 1980
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Collection of material provided by members of the Australian Chinese Community Association (ACCA) in response to the State Library of New South Wales' ACCA Chinese collecting project. ACCA is a non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 1974 to serve the Chinese-Australian community in New South Wales.

Approximate dates based on material and year collection presented to the Library. Copies: the photographs in this collection are photographic prints of original images loaned by donors and returned after copying. They were made in approximately 1993.

Folder 1: Kathleen Quan Mane (1927-) photocopied news clippings and photographic prints including photographs of Kathleen's family, her parents on their wedding day, Kathleen in her WAAF uniform, Thomas Cheong with RAAF medals and Kathleen with Norma Yin, approximately 1900-1990s.
Folder 2: C. Y. Louey photographic prints of Haymarket, Sydney including the G. Chew Lee & Co. building, ca. 1930s.
Folder 3: Lester Wong See (1921-2022) papers and photographs of the Wong See family, Lester Wong See's wedding and photocopied correspondence and clippings from Lester Wong See's time with the Coonabarabran Shire Council, ca. 1920s-1980s.
Folder 4: John Daniel Goon (1916-2011) photographic prints of the Goon and Moyling families and J. D. Goon in uniform, World War II, circa 1880-1950
Folder 5: Professor Frederick (Fred) Chong (1915-1999) photographic print of Chong family photograph, circa 1917 and photocopied and original clippings and articles related to Professor Chong's academic career, ca. 1917-1981.
Folder 6: George (Albert) Cumines (1916-2003) photocopied news clippings and papers regarding the Australia-Free China Society, the Young China Relief Movement, the 1938 Chinese Pageant, Fireworks Display and Mr. Cumines' work with GMF Electric Motors and two photographic prints of Albert Cumines, ca. 1938-1979.
Folder 7: Mervyn Gee (1925-2007) photocopy of photograph and stamped document in Chinese, ca. 1930s-1950s.
Folder 8: Evelyn Ruth Lai Yin Lo (1922-2008) photographic prints of wedding, father and husband, ca. 1940s.
Folder 9: Gilbert Jan AM (1924-2023) photographic prints of family and in uniform, ca. 1920-1960.
Folder 10; C. C. Lee photographic prints of Lee family, ca. 1850s-1950s.
Folder 11: Eugene Randolph Gum photographic prints of the Gum family, the New South Wales Chinese Tennis Association (NSW CTA) and the 1971 Dragon Ball Princess. Also includes papers related to the NSW CTA, ca. 1940s-1986.
Folder 12: Reginald Charles Long (1916-2002) photocopied news clippings, photographic print of tennis squad, World War II Australian Military Forces Demobilization Procedure Book and Record of Service Book, 1930s-1946.
Folder 13: Photographic print of family photograph ca. 1940s-1950s. Possibly from the collection of Doris Jones.
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